What Clients Are Saying


Dear Patricia:  Thank you.  Every time I look in the mirror, I think about you and am grateful.  Kathleen V.


Thank you so much for your expertise in facial art! ~ Joanna J.


Patty:  OMG I love them!!!  Another day or two and they will be fully healed and the color is perfect so far.  A couple touchup spots becoming apparent but you were 100% right, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.  Bill is quite impressed as well.  I’m working on my mom.  She only saw then earlier and although impressed, she wants to wait to see the final product before making any decision.  I will be seeing her this weekend and I am hoping that will be the clincher.  You are marvelous Patty!  Thanks again.  Susan


Hi.  It’s Marian S.  You did my beautiful eyeliner on Halloween.  I had an upper and lower blepharoplasty yesterday.  And my surgeon complimented your work!!!!  He’s very picky.  Wanted you to know.  Happy New Year!


Hi Patty!  Thank you so much for the great job!  I have had compliments already and not even healed yet.  Look forward to seeing you in January.  Have a great Christmas!  Cynthia


Hi Pat, thank you for being so kind, thoughtful and patient.  You are a wonderful person.  I can’t wait for my brows to heal.  Take good care and hope to see you soon.  Love, Sandy


Hello Patricia!  Well, it’s day 7 of my eyebrow enhancement and I AM LOVING IT!!!  Scared me at first, it was so dark, but as you said it would, it softened up!  Of course I need to wait and see how it all turns out in a few weeks, and I may want them a bit thicker and a tad extended.  BUT IT IS AMAZING.  I’m now thinking seriously of having my upper liner and a natural lipcolor done.  Thanks so much.  Colleen M.


My mom said my brows were perfect!  Thanks so much!  Have a great day!  Claire B.


Patricia, Thank you so much for my beautiful eyebrows!  I really appreciate the medical discount which helped me so much.  Sue


Good morning Patricia!  I am writing to say how pleased I am with my eyebrows and to tell you what a great job you have done!  I am so glad I found you.  Thank you, thank you, and thank you!  If you ever need to give a phone number to a woman who is having doubts or having questions or wants reassurance from a past client, please feel free to give them my name and home phone number.  I will tell them how pleasant my procedure was and how pleased I am with the results and what an expert you truly are.  Thanks again….have a blessed holiday season!  (And keep up the great work!).  Nancy


Patti – Thank you so much!  You’re great!  Nina


Hi Pat, how are you?  I hope this note finds you well.  I love my lips and the color and would do it again in a heartbeat.  Not to mention, a good experience to recall when mentioning the procedure to others.  Thank you again, you are truly wonderful!  Karen


Patricia, I still LOVE my new eyebrows and they healed very well.  Everyone that saw them said they were great too.  Most people commented that they were a little dark but, of course, they lightened up once healed and seem to be the perfect color!  I can’t wait for “round 2” to finalize it all and get a perfecting on my eyeliner.   Jan


Pat, thank you so much for the work on my breasts.  I feel complete.  I wouldn’t if not for you.  Thank you so much.  Elaine


Loving my brows today even though they are still tender.  Now looking forward to liner!  JJJ Vicki


Patricia, my eyebrows look AMAZING!  Thank you so much.  I have no swelling or redness anymore and very little soreness – just if I scrunch up my nose!  I’m keeping them moist and I’m confident I will heal quickly.  See you on 12/21.  J. 


Thanks so much Pat, appreciate your great work and effort given to me.  I will be a repeat customer.  I will put a light coat of Vit E later.  Again, thanks so very much.  C.


Pat, omg the brow shape is beyond magnificent!  Thank you so so much for your dedication to this art!  Love them.  Can’t wait to use the mascara again too.  Thank you!


Dear Patricia, thank you for the Birthday wishes!  I am still so grateful for your services.  You are an artistic magician.  Best of everything to you!  I am a walking poster child and know referrals will come your way.  Annette C.


Patricia – The color of my eyebrows is exactly what I wanted as well as the shape.  Such a perfect job!  Also was the bag you gave me for my aftercare, right down to the paperclip!  J  Thank you – Christina


Hi, Patricia:  I can’t tell you how thrilled both Stan (my husband) and I are with my new eyebrows!  Even though they are a bit scabby, the scabs are the same color so no one has even noticed.  I’m sure that by the end of the week, they’ll be perfect.  Thanks again for the great job you did.  I’m looking forward to my next session.  Suzanne


Hi Patty, thanks again for taking such good care of my Grandma yesterday.  Her brows look awesome.  Also, how ironic, I was behind you on 94 yesterday at 5:35 near the 23 Mile exit.  You didn’t see me wave, tho.  Take care, Ken


Hi Patricia!  Thank you so much for the birthday postcard! Coincidental timing, too, because I was just thinking of you and wanting to contact you this week to ask if I can set up a date in April to have the upper eyeliner procedure. You did such a phenomenal job on my eyebrows that I can't wait to have the eyeliner done! I have to work during the week still, so if you have any weekend openings, please let me know. Laura


Hi Pat, I just love them.  Everyone loves them.  Right now they are rough, hard and a little puffy, but I look good.  Thank you again and again.  Regina


Hi Patricia.  I’m so sorry I meant to get back to you but yes everything is good.  And my hubby loves my eyebrows and so do I.  You do fantastic work!!  I am SOOO happy with them!  Thank you!  Dale


My eyebrow scabs are off and my eyebrows are BEAUTIFUL!  The hairstrokes are gorgeous.  Now I want to be brave enough to have a few hair strokes tattooed on  my eyelids in the Spring!


Hi Patricia, hope this email finds you well.  All is good here in Norway, well, better than good.  I have to tell you that I am sooooo happy with my eyebrows.  I think they make me look so much younger.  My girlfriend that I told you about who has an aunt that does permanent makeup told me that she has seen her aunt do thousands of eyebrows over the years and none looked so good or so natural as mine.  She thinks you must be just about the best in the biz and so do I.  Anyways, I wanted to wish you a happy new year and tell you that I am now in for eyeliner.  Keep me in the back of your mind for April, that is, if you are in town.  We haven’t purchased a flight yet, but it will be mid to end of April.  Hope we can set something up.  Take care, Sincerely, Catherine


Pat, what a difference you’ve made in my life. I can’t thank you enough!  Shelly


Dear Patricia, I just love my eyebrows and the ones who know love them also.  I get many compliments!  It’s been a pleasure meeting you as you are so nice and are very professional.  I felt very confident with you and I hope some business will come your way as I have really bragged.  Thank you.  Alta


Hey Patty, I just want to let you know that my eyes look and feel great!  Thank you so much!!  They really didn’t scab or anything.  It was a great healing process!  Thanks again, Andrea


Patty, I’m so pleased with my eyes and lips.  Thank you, thank you! I’ll keep trying to send customers.  Kit


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