Micro Needling


What is Micro Needling (also known as skin needling)


Micro neeedling, collagen induction therapy, wrinkle needling, skin needling, etc. are all names for the treatment of wrinkle reduction, sun spot lightening, scar lightening and more.  It is a process of micro injuring the epidermis on the face and neck to promote your own natural reproduction of collagen. The results are smoother, tighter more youthful appearance to your skin. Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons and Permanent Cosmetics Technicians offer these services. 3-6 treatments are usually necessary to achieve significant improvement to lines and scars. A minimum of 28 days in between treatments is required. In comparison to prolonged recovery time from laser resurfacing and chemical peels a few days healing time makes skin needling a more desirable alternative.


This process is a “by product” of acupuncture and discovered in South Africa many years ago.  We have seen a resurgence of this treatment in the United States due to the desire of clients to reduce wrinkles without doing injectables such as Botox, as micro needling is a more natural method allowing your skin to heal its wounds by creating elastin and collagen which naturally plump the skin.  



  • Cost effective-less than laser and injectables
  • Improved elasticity, pores shrink, skin tightens, wrinkles are lessened, promotes blood circulation
  • No damage or scarring
  • Natural and Quick healing time
  • All areas of face and neck can be treated. Partial treatments available as well
  • Individual needle cartridges are used on each client and disposed of after treatment
  • Face is pre-numbed so there is little discomfort
  • The build-up of collagen below the surface of the skin will continue for months and the skin will become progressively smoother. After 6-9 months you will achieve maximum results.  

Treatment Cannot be done if…

  • You are pregnant or nursing a baby
  • Have diabetes
  • Under age 18 with a parents permission
  • Have allergies to topical anesthetics ending in “Caine”
  • If under influence of alcohol, drugs or mood altering substances
  • Had aspirin, Nurofen, Vitamin E and other blood thinning drugs 1 week prior to treatment
  • You are prone to cold sores and have not gone on an antiviral drug such as Valtrex (which will decrease the chance of a cold sore outbreak). Must take it for week prior and week after treatment
  • You have a poor history of wound healing, have blood problems, have open cuts on face or neck, have active herpes outbreak, have infection, or inflammation of the skin, are prone to keloid healing

What to Expect with Skin Needling

Day 1

  • Expect blood dots on face in the deep wrinkle areas. You will also look like you have a sunburn and will be a bit swollen
  • Expect tightness of the face. Apply moisturizer as desired.
  • Wash face with Cetaphil cleanser before bed and apply moisturizer (wash hands before touching face)
  • Do NOT wear any makeup today and stay out of the sun - wear a hat if necessary

Day 2

  • Wake up and  gently wash face and moisturize 2-3 times today
  • Expect swelling and redness
  • You may use NEW, Mineral makeup to help cover redness as you go out in public
  • Use sunscreen and  stay out of sun
  • Wash face as Day 1 and moisturize (wash hands before touching face)

Day 3

  • Expect some flaking to start - do not pick at it
  • You may use a gentle scrub to remove these flakes (repeat weekly in future)
  • You may get some blemish breakouts

Skin needling needs time to heal. You should never do the next treatment prior to 28 days after first treatment. It is recommended you make all 3 appointments in advance. Do not go past 6 weeks before getting your treatments. It is not a quick fix - it is achieved through a natural, wound healing process by the skin. Once results are achieved after 3- treatments you may not need to repeat procedure for 1-5 years, as studies have shown.


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