Microblading is here to stay!  What a beautiful and artistic way to tattoo eyebrows.  It's a slightly different technique than what is used for powder (or solidly filled) brows, but is still firmly rooted in the tattoo family.  


Brows, and this is the just the plain truth, are not created equally - one side may have a beautiful brow and the other side, not; one side may have lots of hair and the other none; and a brow on one side may be a little higher than the other, etc. Having alopecia and having experienced chemotherapy and/or radiation will most times destroy brows also. 


The art of microblading will help with any of the above circumstances, adding strokes to give a little height to one side (or both), fill in sparse areas of the brow and even adding strokes to the tails to give a little length.  Even brand new brows are created where no hair exists. 


Microblading is known by many names, actually - microstroking, hairstrokes, micropigmentation, 3D art brows, eyebrow feathering, eyebrow embroidery - but regardless of the term used, the end result is a beautiful and completely natural looking brow.  


At the consultation, your face shape is analyzed and a flattering brow shape is drawn on your face.  You will have the last say on color and shape before the process commences.  From there, individual hair strokes are implanted in your brows, with no brow shaving or damage to your brow area.  The completed procedure will rid you of the need for your many brow pencils, powders, gels and/or stencils you've used in the past.


Anyone performing this sophisticated process must be schooled in all aspects of tattooing and must adhere to State and County Bodyart Licensing.  With the rush of popularity using this term and the media attention being accorded to "microblading," many are saying that this is not a tattoo and is semi-permanent because it is performed with a hand tool. 


Manual tattooing has been performed for thousands of years, and, as such, the tools have evolved.  The microblading tool is one such tool. Any time color (such as pigment) is implanted in the skin, by definition it is a tattoo and permanent.  Yes, pigments do fade over time, due to many circumstances, such as sun exposure, lifestyle, skin type, medicines, etc.  Microbladed brows fade more quickly than other tattooed brows simply because a much lesser amount of pigment is implanted in the skin.  Color boosts are required from 10 to 16 months after the perfecting (2nd) session because of this. 


My best advice to you in locating a permanent cosmetics technician to perform your microblading is to "Do your Research" - see their  bodyart license.  How long have they been doing permanent makeup?  See educational certificates.  Where are the procedures being performed? You should be in a closed room if having this procedure done in a nail salon, hair salon or spa per Bodyart Licensing.  


Facial Art has been performing permanent cosmetics since 2001. We specialize in beautiful brows.  Please come in for a free consult.  Thank you for your time.




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