Prices & Specials


                                         These prices (unless otherwise noted)

                                        include 2 visits, an initial and perfecting






Full Eyeliner (upper and lower lids)





Either Upper or Lower Lids




Eyebrows / microblading, hairstroke                        or powderfill








$1,000 Full Set



Beauty Marks





Color-Boost for any full liner or brow procedure

(originally performed by Facial Art)




Color-Boost for either upper or lower lid

(originally performed by Facial Art)





Touchups/Corrections for New Clients


Starting at $250 for liner and brows.

Free consult required; fee will depend on service required, i.e., color, shape, correction, etc.


Alopecia Patients, clients having undergone radiation or chemotherapy, legally blind clients, and clients having MS, ALS, Parkinson’s, etc., are half off for brand new full* procedures.  New client touchups will be determined at consultation.

*New Unilateral Areola Procedure is $300; New Upper or Lower Liner is $250.  




In Michigan, ALL body art shops (including all salons providing permanent cosmetics/makeup) are regulated and inspected regularly.  It is against the law for an individual to perform permanent cosmetics anywhere but in a licensed facility (this means that someone performing permanent cosmetics in their home or coming to your home is AGAINST the law!).  Please make sure to see your technician’s State and/or health department license and any and all other certificates he/she has.  Make sure your technician has gone to an accredited school by checking the websites of The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals and/or The American Academy of Micropigmentation.  Please don’t patronize these individuals who are cutting corners.  You will not know if their pigments are expired or even if the needles and other supplies they are using on you are sterilized. 


At this time, microblading is the current craze.  It’s a wonderful procedure that creates lifelike hairstrokes in the brows.  BUT, it is a tattoo and there are many individuals that are going to 2-3 day schools and think they know how to perform this highly-advanced technique.  Beware!  Question your salon professional who is performing this technique and ask to see their Bodyart Facility License.  Yes, they need one or they are illegally performing procedures.  If they are working in Oakland County, anyone performing tattooing also needs an individual license.  Please report them to your County Health professional if not in compliance. 


 You only have ONE face and permanent cosmetics is just what it says it is – “Permanent!”  Make such you choose your technician wisely before you give them your face to work on.  Look at their portfolio, ask questions!  Do they offer a free consultation, does the price cover an initial and perfecting session, do they have a website, a brochure, a business card?  Where are they performing their procedures?   Do you have a say in the color; in the shape?  This is your face, make sure you have a say!  


REMEMBER:  You get what you pay for!  You should not shop around for the cheapest technician, but the most experienced and knowledgeable, and one who puts forth great effort to maintain pleasant and professional surroundings in which they conduct their procedures.  


I caution all potential clients to visit The Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professional website ( and The American Academy of Micropigmentation ( to find technicians that follow the high standards set by these two organizations and who maintain memberships in these organizations.  These organizations are well-recognized in our industry and are both nonprofit.  



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